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In these times of remote working, being physically removed from colleagues, staff and customers presents new challenges in staying connected and staying productive. 

The key to connectivity is video, and at Ingot Media, we understand how businesses use video and what they require from their video partner.


We are collaborators who create videos with our clients that talk to teams and co-workers, drive recruitment, promote products and launch initiatives. We stream keynote speakers to staff who can’t attend seminars in person due to travel and density limitations. We produce online award presentations, document landmark moments and deliver safety induction videos.


If you’ve been charged with getting a video made for your company, or a business owner wanting to stay in touch with your customer base or an event coordinator who requires an online presence to boost audience participation then call for a 10 minute no obligation strategy chat about how Ingot Media can alleviate the hassles of handling the tech and delivering videos that make you look like a pro.


Our clients appreciate our no hassle approach and love our product even more.



Phil Dickson

Director Ingot Media

M: 0403 024 463


706 Sturt St

Ballarat VIC 3350

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