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Video serves as a compelling and influential tool to foster and solidify connections, catering to both your loyal clientele and potential leads. Acknowledging the hectic schedules of marketing managers, business proprietors, and promotional professionals, we appreciate the challenges they face in crafting high-quality video content. This is precisely where Ingot Media emerges as your reliable ally in the realm of video production.

At Ingot Media, we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach. We partner with you, leveraging our expertise to fashion videos that are not only visually striking but also deliver tangible outcomes.


Every project is different, and we can offer everything from full studio services right down to providing just filming or editing services.

Here are some of the most popular styles and services we offer:

BRAND VIDEOS - Your brand values & story told in a personalised way.

TESTIMONIALS - Harness the power of word-of-mouth of your clients.

EVENT VIDEO PROD. - We can film a keynote speech or a 3-day seminar. Press conferences, live streaming & product launch events.

TRAINING VIDEOS - Training videos can be used for new recruit induction, safety and OHS compliance and policy implementation.

CONCERT VIDEOS - School concerts, dance recitals and theatre productions captured in more than just a straight camera pointing at the stage.

EXPLAINER VIDEOS - We use video/animation/graphics to help explain sometimes complex ideas and strategies.

DOCUMENTARY VIDEOS - Exploring larger themes, or creating awareness around social & community issues.

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